Poonam thwarts Babyrojisana Chanu challenge to win gold medal

Raj Sahiba from Haryana and Sanamacha Chanu from Manipur in action during the final bout of the Boxing Girls 70kg class category at the 1st Khelo India School Games.

Haryana’s Poonam earned a split decision against Manipur’s Babyrojisana Chanu the 52kg girls category in the most intensely-fought bout on the final day of boxing competitions at the inaugural Khelo India School Games at the Boxing Hall in the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium here today.

Babyrojisana had comfortably eased past her competitors and had forced the referee to stop the contest twice. However, in a repeat of the Nationals match, Poonam prevailed to clinch the gold through a 3-2 verdict.

Predictably, Haryana dominated the medal charts winning 10 of the 26 gold on offer here. Six of its boxers finished with silver. Maharashtra finished with seven gold and a silver. Manipur, which would have expected a richer harvest from the boxing ring, had to be content with two gold and eight silver medals today.

Anil from Maharashtra and Krishna Joda from Jharkhand in action during the final bout of the Boys Boxing 48Kg class category at the 1st Khelo India School games.

Jharkhand ended up with two golds and a silver, perhaps a step in the direction of breaking the myth about the State not producing good boxers. Selay Soy won the 46kg class gold after a hard-fought victory over Kuldeep Sonkar of Uttar Pradesh while Neha Tantu Bai’s win on points against Manipur’s Tinmila Doungal in the 48kg class earned the State its only medal in girls’ boxing.

The results (finals):


46kg class: Selay Soy (Jharkhand) beat Kuldeep Sonkar (Uttar Pradesh) on points (4-1).

48kg class: Anil (Maharashtra) beat Krishna Joda (Jharkhand) on points.

50kg class: Noba Singh (Maharashtra) beat Shahrukh Khan (Uttar Pradesh) on points (4-1).

52kg class: Bhavesh Katimani (Maharashtra) beat Youraj (Haryana) on points.

54kg class: Chirag (Haryana) beat Aman (Rajasthan) on points (3-2).

57kg class: Ankit Narwal (Haryana) beat Anil Kumar (Uttarakhand) on points (3-2).

60kg class: Ajay Kumar (Haryana) beat Nongbam Khomba Singh (Manipur) on points (3-2).

63kg class: Vijay Deep (Maharashtra) beat Ningthoujam Bobo Sana (Manipur) on points.

66kg class: Mohit (Haryana) beat Keshav Hans (Maharashtra), referee stopped contest in first round.

70kg class: Ish Panu (Haryana) beat Abhinav Saiki (Assam) on points (4-1)

75kg class: Vinet (Haryana) beat Harsh Gill (Haryana) on points (4-1).

80kg class: Lakshay Chahar (Rajasthan) beatbeat Mohit (Haryana) on points.

Over 80kg class: Satinder (Maharashtra) beat Jugnoo (Haryana)


46kg class: Ekta Saroj (Punjab) beat Simran (Chandigarh) on points.

48kg class: Neha Tantu Bai (Jharkhand) beat Tinmila Doungal (Manipur) on points.

50kg class: Minakshi (Haryana) beat Amisha Kumari (Assam) on points.

52kg class: Poonam (Haryana) beat Babyrojisana Chanu (Manipur) on points (3-2).

54kg class: Ssanathoi Heman (Manipur) beat Hudrom Ambeshwari (Manipur).

57kg class: Ashalata Chanu (Manipur) beat Sapna (Rajasthan) on points (3-2).

60kg class: Arundhati (Rajasthan) beat Alena Devi (Manipur) on points, referee stopped contest in second round.

63kg class: Vinka (Haryana) beat Menka Devi (Manipur) on points.

66kg class: Gunele Mitika Sanjay (Maharashtra) beat Pranjal Yadav (Haryana) on points (3-2).

70kg class: Raj Sahiba (Haryana) beat Sanamacha Chanu (Manipur) on points (4-1).

75kg class: Dalena Biju (Kerala) beat D Rajput (Punjab) on points (3-2)

80kg class: Komal (Punjab) beat Sushma (Haryana) on points (3-2).

Over 80kg class: Alfiya Tarannum (Maharashtra) beat Lipakshi (Rajasthan) on points.